HUB Certified Company, SBE in Texas

Karen McMillan - President of Portawalk

Neil and Karen McMillan

Based in Lancaster, Texas, in the county of Dallas, we serve the needs of publicly owned entities, the military and businesses throughout the USA. Personal customization and old fashion customer service has and will continue to be our goal whether dealing with the public or the government. That means, the customer is always right! Yes, there are still some folks who practice old fashioned values in business.

PortaWalk's Modular Wheelchair Ramps

The summer of 1999 brought forth a structurally superior modular access ramp system that provides wheelchair access for all handicap and safety requirements. Predominant among school districts is the need to relocate portable buildings to meet each school's changing student population. A portable ramp for a portable building. Simple concept that had been attempted through construction of wood, aluminum and concrete ramps. PortaWalk solves this challenge with a system that is structurally superior to all other methods used for PortaWalk was specifically designed for portable and temporary needs as well as engineered to be in compliance with ADA and TAS guidelines. Using a minimum of components to accommodate a wide variety of buildings, elevations and site arrangements PortaWalk is the system that is cost effective, durable and portable.

Why Choose Portawalk?

PortaWalk has dedicated itself to manufacturing and installing superior handicap ramping systems that enhance the lifestyle of those who are entitled to the benefits of the Americans with Disabilities Act. We are committed to the purpose, authority and application of standards for access to public buildings as set forth under the code of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Texas Accessibility Standards.