Handicap Ramps and Accessibility Ramps Product Information

PortaWalk is available in a variety of colors and integral parts to customize handicap access. Create one wheelchair or a large linked system including steps, wheelchair ramps and walkways. Easily add to your existing system as your needs change or effortlessly re-sell when your system is no longer needed for accessibility.

  • Non-Skid
  • Aesthetically Designed
  • Adjustable
  • Re-Locatable
  • Code Compliant and Flexible
  • Safe and Structurally Solid
  • Economical
  • Steel Guardrails/Handrails
  • Low Maintenance

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  • Landings are non-skid in all directions
  • Decking is continuous, no gaps or raised metal connections to trip over
  • Easily adapts to site conditions
  • Truly modular system
  • ADA, Federal, State and Local Codes
  • Legs are located under ramps, eliminating tripping from outside leg support
  • Priced below Aluminum
  • Steel is stronger, harder to damage or vandalize
  • Guardrail/Handrail has protective coating

Modular Ramp Components

landing-2100 adjustable leg
Landing-2100 Adjustable Leg
modular sidewalk link handicap ramp rail
Modular Sidewalk Link Handicap Ramp Rail
stair assembly-2150
Stair Assembly-2150