Modular Handicap Ramps for Schools, Commercial, Residential Applications

PortaWalk's flexible modular ramp design creates numerous adaptations to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for modular handicap ramp accessible designs for residential, commercial or modular school buildings, PortaWalk is able to design ADA compliant prefabricated steel ramping systems and sidewalks for easy wheelchair ramp access.

Portable Classrooms Modular Ramps, Stairs & Sidewalk Application

  • Retrofitting design
  • Interchangeable variations
  • Link several classrooms together
  • Relocate, re-configure and re-use with ease
  • Efficient and affordable solution
  • ADA and TAS compliant
  • Safety features including Epoxy anti-skid surface
  • Configurations for single classrooms to multi-sectional buildings

Mobile Office Ramps, Steps & Decks

PortaWalk sidewalk links provide a temporary walkway for portable sales/business office buildings that move with the job. You no longer have to pour concrete sidewalks only to tear them up when the portable sales or business office is relocated. You can now take your sidewalk with you whenever you relocate your building to the next job site. Portable steps are available if needed and color choices apply to both the stairs & the sidewalk links making a more professional application to any temporary sales/business office.

  • Interchangeable variations
  • Relocate, re-configure and re-use with ease
  • Efficient and affordable solution
  • Excellent resale value
  • ADA and TAS compliant
  • Retrofitting design easily configures to all types of office units

Construction Sites & Portable Sidewalk Application

PortaWalk sidewalk links are ideal for contractors to use at any construction site needing a clean, hard surface to walk on. Due to the ease and portability of each link, two men can easily lift and position each link where needed to give a temporary walkway at each project. When construction is over or when concrete is ready for pouring, each link is easily removed & stacked for storage until the next job location. The portable sidewalk links prove to be a valuable resource during the rainy season while protecting the interior surfaces from mud and debris.

  • Instant sidewalks where needed
  • Added safety feature using Epoxy anti-skid surface
  • Protect interior floors of homes & buildings under construction from mud & debris
  • Ideal for Construction sites during the rainy season
  • Lightweight design requiring only two men to lift & position
  • Interchangeable variations
  • Efficient & affordable
  • Relocate, re-configure & re-use with ease
  • Stackable sidewalk links for limited storage space

Residential Modular Ramp Application - Universal Design

  • Retrofitting design
  • No remodeling of your home required
  • Leasing plans available
  • Excellent resale value
  • ADA and TAS compliant
  • Customizable colors and finishes to match your home

Public Building Application

  • Customizable colors and finishes to enhance public appeal
  • Retrofitting design for public buildings
  • No structural modification to building
  • Efficient solution to obtain code compliance
  • ADA and TAS compliant
  • Applicable applications for following:
  • Churches
  • Office parks
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Retail centers

Historical Homes and Buildings

  • Retrofitting design
  • Does not require any structural modifications
  • Does not interfere with historical status
  • Variety of color choices and finishes
  • ADA and TAS compliant

PortaWalk's Portability

As easy as towing your boat to the lake this explains the ease of portability of the PortaWalk system. The effortless transportation allows for trouble-free installation and relocation of system.

Classroom Ramp

modular stairs with deck

public building handicap access

modular ramp

high elevation hadicap access

portable sidewalk

permanent building handicap access