"They have an amazing staff"...

Port-A-Walk provides a superior product and service. They have an amazing staff that is responsive and detail oriented. Their team was able to adjust and surge as required to accommodate any issues in order to meet the required completion date. I would highly recommend using Port-A-Walk ‘s products and services on any size project.

Brent Frye
Vice President
Comark Building Systems

"The price was right as well"...

During a period of very heavy construction on our campus, many pedestrian and handicap pathways were altered. We found Port-A-Walk online and gave them a call. In short order, they were able to get our pathways re-established. They were very professional in their work ethics and emphasized strong customer service. The price was right as well. Port-A-Walk certainly did their part to help us through a very busy time.

Kelly Kinnard
Director for Physical Plant Services
University of Texas at Dallas