Aluminum Vs. Steel

Karen McMillan - President of Portawalk

Neil and Karen McMillan
Steel is stronger than aluminum. It is heavier and therefore holds more weight. Unlike many aluminum ramps, our steel ramps do not shake when walked on.

Since steel is stronger than aluminum, it can be used on higher elevations and will cover longer distances. This also means that steel decking can interconnect more buildings by utilizing fewer ramps. Also, unlike aluminum ramps, our steel ramps can be used as a free standing unit.

Aluminum is more expensive than steel and typically takes more time to install. Aluminum ramps are more likely to be stolen, whereas steel ramps are less attractive to thieves.

Typically, aluminum ramps are not painted. Our steel ramps offer more choices with custom powder coating or metal paint. This gives our ramps more curb appeal and blends in much more beautifully with a building’s color scheme than aluminum ramps can. Also, unlike aluminum ramps, steel ramps can be galvanized to prevent rust in more humid climates.

Why Choose Portawalk?

Portawalk has dedicated itself to manufacturing and installing superior handicap ramping systems that enhance the lifestyle of those who are entitled to the benefits of the Americans with Disabilities Act. We are committed to the purpose, authority and application of standards for access to public buildings as set forth under the code of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Texas Accessibility Standards.